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How to check the route for international cargo transportation?
Post Date:2024-01-08    Clicks:96

Routes for international cargo transportation can be checked in a variety of ways.

Air transport

First, you can check the status of direct flights by entering the three-character code of the departure city and arrival city or entering the flight number on the Air China Cargo website. Secondly, the ANA Cargo website provides the function of querying airport codes, flight numbers, and routes. Third, provides a variety of methods to check arrival information of international cargo flights, including calling, checking on mobile phones, downloading the official information release application of China Civil Aviation, etc. Finally, FlightAware is a global real-time tracking map website that allows you to explore the sky in any corner of the world using real-time flight tracking maps. It should be noted that before selecting the query method, you need to know the three-character code of the departure city and arrival city or the corresponding flight number.


To query shipping routes, you can use Logistics Baba’s world port query system. The system has more than 20,000 port data around the world, including ports in Chinese and English, port routes, port map locations and detailed port information. Users can query by entering any of the port city, port code, port name or country. Maersk and C.H. Robinson also provide ocean shipping services, and users can check shipping and inland transportation rates on their websites.

Take Shanghai to Rotterdam Port as an example:

Shipping company 1: SEALAND The voyage from Shanghai to Rotterdam usually takes 27-45 days. SEALAND has a direct route to Chattogram, Bangladesh, which takes 9-11 days. Shipping company 2: COSCO SHIPPING LINESSCOSCO SHIPPING LINES has the route from Shanghai to Rotterdam. The Chinese names of all ports called by this route are: Shanghai, Ningbo, Romont, Hamburg, Antwerp, Felixstowe Port and Rotterdam. Shipping company 3: CMA CGMCMA CGM has the Shanghai-Rotterdam route. The Chinese names of all the ports this route calls are: Shanghai, Ningbo, Athens, Istanbul, Lisbon and Rotterdam. The intercepted Shanghai-Rotterdam route map is shown in the attachment.

China-Europe freight train

You can check the website of China-Europe Express International Logistics, which provides China-Europe Express route map and railway freight prices. China-Europe international logistics is a new mode of transportation. Its emergence can effectively solve the problems of high air transportation costs and slow sea transportation timeliness. The China-Europe train takes only 11 days to reach Europe directly. The entire journey is GPS-enabled. The customs clearance team can complete customs clearance in 1 to 2 days. Door-to-door delivery services are available throughout the EU. The price is only 1/3 of air freight. The international railway logistics transportation volume of China-Europe trains has more than tripled. DHL also provides global logistics services, providing comprehensive services and customized solutions for the management and transportation of letters, goods and information.

The websites of China-Europe Train International Logistics include China-Europe Train Transport, China Railway 95306 website, China State Railway Group Co., Ltd., CCTV website and the official website of China-Europe Express International Logistics Co., Ltd.